1. Delivering individual camper stories directly to your inbox.
Via the Educatix App you get to inform your campers’ parents directly about their child’s experience at camp: text, photos and feedback from your staff that is relevant to them, delivered in real-time. Increase your retention rates through better service and communication (and, hence, spend less on marketing and attracting new clients).
2. Personalized feedback, in real-time.
Enable your staff-members who interact with your campers to share their stories and view of how the camp’s going for your campers. They get direct access, through their phones, to upload photos, videos, and comments about their activities, units, or specific children. Their feedback goes directly to the parents’ app inbox (or you choose to regulate it via an administrator).
3. Easy to set up and use by your staff.
It takes less than a day to set up your camp’s program in our app (including adding your list of kids, staff and program activities). Each staff member gets access to send feedback only to the groups or campers you allow him to. Easy to set up, easy to manage and easy to use!
4. Keep in touch with your parents after camp!
You can message your parents after camp is done, announcing them about special events, open-days or discounts you’re offering in the next season! Your messages get directly to their inbox and double up as push-notifications directly on their screens.