An anti-fraud advertising platform that meets the requirements of even the largest software advertising platforms in real-time. Developed by Adtech experts for Adtech.

1. Integrated detection. It detects fraud with the display of ads, videos and ads in applications, cleaning web pages and other forms of inappropriate traffic from mobile and web sources.

2. Detection Method. Scalable entropy measurement using the Shannon entropy of the IP addresses from which this site receives traffic, and then assigns a normalized estimate to the site based on its traffic pattern.

3. Scalable architecture. Highly optimized C ++ codes work with minimal computing resources and scalability to satisfy the needs of even the largest advertising technology companies.

4.Low maintenance. A preliminary application for filtering 300,000 QPS traffic flows has a total cost of work of less than $ 500 per month with a decision delay of less than 50 ms.

5. Built by experts. Created in close collaboration with the most experienced ad fraud experts, leading Adtech innovators.

6. Low System Requirements. Ability to configure on one computer or 3 separate computers. Single machine (4 processor cores, 64 GB of RAM). Operating System (Ubuntu/Debian).