Software that controls all the life processes in the house after putting it into operation. The smart home system, chat for instant messengers, payment of bills, provision of services, etc.

1. SaaS. The mobile application of the IOS and Android user) + WEB-application of the administrator (Personal account of the managing company, News, Residents Directory, Online Chat, Services Catalog, Payment of bills).
2. Cloudy IoT Platform. The ability to connect a z-wave controller to the cloud, authorization by the QR code of the device, automatic addition of sensors, automatic update of firmware and OS.
3. Integration with infrastructure. Integration with AJAX Hub; Xiaomi Gateway Video cameras (Hikvision, AXIS); On-door speakerphones (Hikvision, Slinex, Atis, Tantos); SKD (UPROX), Climatic devices (Danfoss, Fibaro).
4. Smart home scripts. Ability to create scripts Time/Device/Location/Mode and use of predefined scripts (Day, Night, Intrusion, Climate control, light control)