We guarantee to build MVP in four weeks (Flutter+Dart+FireBase)!
We guarantee to build your RND team within 30 business days.
If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!
Accelerating software delivery (DevOps with Kubernetes).

What we do?

WPLACE is an innovative product company. We provide Full cycle from business idea to the sale of the final product. We undertake business risks together with the client.


Custom IoT Development

Build complex IoT Cloud solutions, like SmartHome relying on our advanced, cross-domain expertise in Internet of Things/Intelligent Devices Development. We provide end-to-end services covering the entire spectrum of 1. Smart Devices (prototyping, embedded software). 2 IoT Platforms (secure, scalable, cloud-based). 3 Applications (mobile, web, and enterprise).

DevOps with Kubernetes

Our DevOps engineers provide services for: 1. Architecting Applications for Kubernetes. 2. Deploy Pre-Built Applications (Docker, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB etc). 3. Support and Monitoring with Kubernetes Tooling (Openfans; Kubeless; Gitlab; circleci; Travis CI; Prometheus; Fluentd; Opentracking; Istio; Konsul; Linkerd; Terraform; Helm).

Product Development

Innovation product development is the creation of better or more effective products, processes, technologies, or ideas. Our Innovation and Product Development services cover the end-to-end spectrum of the product and service lifecycle - from ideation to retirement, unlocking engineering productivity and driving value across production, the supply chain, and after-sales services.

RND Team

Model Cost + We undertake the formation of the RND team (Backend, Frontend Full Stack, AI/ML, AR/VR, IoT, Blockchain) for any period, for 30% Margin. Search for a developer, design, time management, reporting, payment of taxes, English courses. Providing turnkey office of any size wwww.worklab.space We guarantee to build your RND team within 30 business days.


Flutter platform and an MVP strategy are two elements that have been finding themselves a part of every conversation where time-saving mobile app development strategies are discussed. 1. Creation of Cost-Effective Applications; 2. Expedited App Development Process; 3. Flutter Driven Design = Investors’ Attraction; 4. Flutter for MVP Development = Reduced Resources Requirements; 5. One Development team; 6. The same code runs on the WEB/IOS/Android.

CTO as-a-Service

We help non-technical founders get started on their product. The CTO as-a-Service helping accelerate early stage and growing startups, bringing technical vision, streamlining development, helping implement deployment strategies, find the right people, designing scalable infrastructures, and more. The CTO-as-a-Service model proves to be a good match for a rapidly increasing number of clients, varying from early-stage startups to well-funded scale-ups and established Solution Providers.



Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Data Science.


Blockchain Framework, Blockchain App Development, Custom Development, Blockchain Security, Smart Contracts, Hyperledger.


Hardware Integration, Device management, Data Collection, Data processing and analytics, Data visualization, Configuration management, Command Execution, IoT Apps.


Flutter, Ruby on Rails, React, Node.js, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, DynamoDB, Glacier, AWS, Cloud Infrastructure, HTML/CSS, Javascript

Mobile IOS/Android

Flutter, Objective C, Swift, Cocoa, Android, Java, Testing, Distribution, React Native, API Integration.

UI/UX Design

Specification Analysis, Competitor/User Analysis, Wireframes Preparation, Prototyping, UI/Graphic Design, HTML/CSS Coding.


Real-Time Ad Fraud Detection Platform

IoT Platform

AI BGP Internet Routing Platform

Blockchain Ethereum Platform

SD-WAN Controller

DDoS Protection System

ERP for Asset management company

Field Service Management


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